T.O.P English is Driven by.Overwhelming.Passion in Teaching.English 

Make the most of your Money and Save time and effort  by learning effectively

Why T.O.P English?

We are student      centered

We understand our students diverse learning styles and so we practice  suitable approaches in class that match the students' needs


We take pride in providing quality education to our students through through holistic learning system only available in our company.

Each teachers are carefully selected according to their excellent specific fields to cater to the needs to the students well

General English

Choose between two programs under General English

English For Conversation

This program focuses on enhancing your communication skills, through role plays, dialogues and integrating real life scenarios into your lessons

Improve your pronunciation and master the American accent in no time!

English in Focus

Designed to improve the core competencies of the students according to their needs.

  • Reading

  • Speaking

  • Writing

  • Listening

Students can choose all four or  focus in any of these core competencies depending on their needs as language learners. What more, is that we provide both fixed and customized curriculum for everyone!

Work Presentation

Kids English

Our teachers are specially trained to deliver lessons for young learners systematically and effectively.


We provide:

  • Games integrated lessons

  • Child centered approach

  • Fixed curriculum designed in improving all the core competence of your kids, such  as reading, phonics, and speaking, and listening

Taking Notes
Eating Out

Business English

We understand the ever changing and challenging corporate world and therefore came up with a more systematic approach to improve your English skills for Business Communication. We provide intensive lessons for the following:

  • Negotiation

  • Socializing

  • Meeting

  • Presentation

  • Teleconferencing

Kids Drawing

Test Based English

This program has a fixed curriculum to ensure the success of our students. We provide intensive lessons for the following programs:





  • SST

To ensure the quality of our service, each students are assigned to a teacher with a specific mastery of a particular field.


About Us

We are a start up online school whose aim is to provide an excellent English education service to our students and produce globally competent individuals with topnotch linguistic abilities.

Our Vision

To be the world's leading online school by providing dynamic and effective classes to our students. We aim to create  a virtual environment which strives not only in improving the language ability of our students but also on the professional growth of our teachers.


Our Mission

We believe that  our company, our teachers and students are integral parts of each other. Our Mission is to create a learning environment where the students receive quality education while building a happy haven for teachers whose passion for teaching extends beyond monetary value.

We believe that happy teachers tend to give best services to our students, leading to students satisfaction and  resulting to their continuous patronage to our company. This creates  our so called "Top Cycle"